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Karolina Owsianka

Karolina Owsianka has been linked to the restaurant industry since the beginning of her career. Her adventure with gastronomy began at Boscaiola, to soon become part of the team of Szara Gęś Restaurant as a manager. In Boccanere since August 2016. She loves spending time in the kitchen, her passion is baking cakes, with which she spoils her friends. Interesting in the world at large, she spends every spare moment on travel.

Sous Chef

Adam Wlazły

He started to work for MSHG in 2013 at our sister restaurant Boscaiola. To gain more experience, he went to Germany, where he trained his skills in European cuisine for two years. After returning to Krakow, he came back to our company and worked in Szara Gęś Restaurant, and later in the Kogel Mogel Restaurant, where he took up the position of sous chef after three months. In Boccanery has been operating since the beginning of 2019. He spends his free time actively in the mountains, he also practices extrime sports.

Sous Chef

Mateusz Kromka

His adventure in gastronomy began in 2010 just after the catering school in the Mamma Mia restaurant. After 6 years, two years of emigration and gaining experience, expanding knowledge and learning new flavors, he found himself at the restaurant Boccanera. Outside of work, also a cook, but the cuisine of medieval Europe, a member of the group reconstructing life in Scandinavia, the beginnings of the Middle Ages. Passionate about active rest and travel. An unfulfilled amateur of various instruments, relaxes through music and a book. Main motivations? New challenges, the need to check yourself and learn. He is driven by a passion for the kitchen and a good team.


Katarzyna Nowak

She started her adventure with gastronomy in 2016 as a waitress, then as a supervisor at The Spaghetti restaurant. Because of the need of development she went to Boccanera. She is passionate about cats and sport – in her spare time she travels and relaxes at home with good wine. She believes that the most important thing in the teamwork is mutual understanding of the living organism which is the restaurant and the joint, synergistic action. In working with people, the most important value is mutual learning.


Wiktoria Bezgan

A graduate of Polish philology at the Pedagogical University. Has been associated with MSHG since 2017. Initially, she was a waitress at Mamma Mia Restaurant, then became there a supervisor. After two years, she took up a position as a manager. In Boccanera since May 2019. Privately a great fan of good wine. She is interested in boxing and foreign languages.